Directions by Bus

Bus service to Erindale United Church is supplied by Mississauga Transit's routes 1 and 1c along Dundas Street, but NOT by the Express Bus route 101.

The Eastbound bus stop 0639 is located at the South-east corner of Dundas Crescent South and Dundas Street.

However, the Westbound bus stop 1101 does not have any Stoplights or Crosswalk from the North to the South side of the busy curve of the four-lane Dundas Street. It is recommended that you disembark the bus at either stop 1199 just before the Credit Woodlands intersection, or at stop 1100 at the intersection of Robinson Street and Dundas Street.

Erindale United is a short two block walk west of Credit Woodlands, or a short two block walk east of Robinson Street, both on the south side of Dundas Street.

Note that you may plan your trip by bus to Erindale United Church by the Mississauga Transit Trip Planner website

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