Syrian Refugee Sponsorship

Erindale has always been a church community that seeks justice for all people, and strives to become a loving, nurturing, ministering community.

In response to the humanitarian crisis in Europe we are sponsoring a Refugee Family. 

We are in partnership with two other area churches and have begun the necessary background work and look forward to welcoming a refugee family. Our group is known as "The North West Mississauga Constituent Group" (, and is one of many such Constituent Groups within the United Church of Canada.



A Bump in the Road to Resettlement

Our group's first application to sponsor a Syrian refugee family was refused by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)  on September 1, 2016. The reason given for the rejection was that the recent history and travels of the father, as described in the application, were factually and demonstrably incorrect. The application of the complete family was rejected on the basis of lack of credibility. After considerable deliberation, it is with much regret that our Constituent Group decided to discontinue the application process for this family. And so, our Constituent Group has prayerfully decided to proceed by sponsoring another family  based on profiles sent to us by the United Church of Canada. All developments in this regard will be posted on this page.



New Syrian Refugees Have Been Identified

New Syrian refugees suitable for sponsorship by our Constituent Group have been identified from profiles sent to us by the United Church of Canada. Details will be released as soon as the official sponsorship status is confirmed and the process ahead that we must follow becomes clear. Also, our entire application process must be restarted from the very beginning, and we anticipate it will take considerable time before any of our newly selected refugees will successfully arrive in Canada. (February 9, 2017).


Syrian refugee update:  Tarek is here!!!

Tarek Youzbashi arrived at Pearson Airport this afternoon, May 24, and was greeted by Jim Bright and other members of Your Northwest Mississauga Constituent Group. They have all worked very hard with last minute preparations to be fully prepared for his arrival. Tarek is a 29 year old man born in Latakia, Syria most recently wa living in Egypt. He speaks and writes fluent English and Arabic and has just recently completed his PhD. We have been in frequent communication with Tarek by email and he seems to be a delightful individual.  Our second group of refugees is arriving from the UAE in mid- June.

Jim Bright, Co-chair, Northwest Mississauga Constituent Group.

May 24, 2018.




Why resettlement from Syria to Canada matters

The following link shows the BBC's senior foreign correspondent Lyse Doucet (a native of New Brunswick) being reunited with a Syrian family, she met once in Damascus and who are now in Toronto, and the effect settlement in Canada has had on the family, especially the children:  Keep watching through the Toronto video (and the ads), and view a collection of other short BBC reports on the Syrian Crisis by Lyse Doucet.

For the full 59 minute video by Lyse Doucet called "Children of Syria" (copyright BBC 2, 2014) go to the poor quality (unauthorized?) link. RF Code saw the entire video at this link, but the computer hopped from site to site, was frantically buffering and was peppered with diaper, toothbrush, and shampoo ads. Make sure you have anti-virus protection, and a new fast computer. 

Doucet was also interviewed by the CBC radio's "As it Happens" posted March 16, 2016 at the link and then press the start arrow under the picture to listen to an archived audio link that is 18 minutes and 40 seconds long (18:40) (this link may work only for internet connections within Canada).

Several short clips from Doucet's BBC documentary "Children of Syria" have been uploaded to YouTube: (length 1:30) and (length 4:01) .


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