Devotions by e-mail

From the UCC (The United Church of Christ , USA)  there are two on-line resources that can be delivered to your e-mail inbox by a simple subscription process. These are well written, balanced and give pause for thought and inspiration in a world bombarded by too much unimportant information.


The following link is to the Weekly Seeds  digital devotional, written by Kathryn Matthews, a distinguished retired minister from our sister Church in the USA, the United Church of Christ. These devotionals follow our lectionary, but are delivered at least a week in advance of their use in our church by e-mail, so you can begin to think about the readings and the sermon before you attend our worhip service. Just sign up for email delivery at the link:


A daily devotional, written by many different leaders and members of the UCC, is also available. It is something to look forward to and appears in your inbox each day! Written under the theme God is still speaking, you can find and subscribe to it at the following link:



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