Church Governance

Our Church uses a committee structure led by a Board of Trustees and a Church Council.

The Church Council is the decision making body which formulates policy, provides  general direction, and approves matters affecting the Church as a whole.

The Church Council consists of the Chair of the Board of Trustees, the Chairs of the Council`s Standing Committees (Christian Development, Communication, Congregational Care, Finance and Property, Ministry and Personnel, Outreach, Stewardship and Worship) along with representatives of our Church to Halton Presbytery and from our UCW.

We have a volunteer Treasurer and Sunday School Co-ordinator. Various Committees of Council meet monthly, and members of the Congregational Care Committee visit people in their homes including Long-term Care Homes. The minister occasionally goes along with these visits to serve Communion.

Since February 1, 2017, we are very pleased to have the Rev. Brenna Nickel as our full-time Minister.
Our Church Office Administrator is Sarah McEwing.
The Chair of our Church Council is Ralph Nott.
The Director of Music is Robert Anderson.


To obtain additional information on the Standing Committees of Church Council and their membership, please refer to the Annual Report of the Church, which you can find on this website on the drop-down menu under the NEWS & EVENTS TAB, or make inquiries through the Church Office Administrator here .


2016-17 Table of Governance, Erindale United Church

Board of Trustees, Chair - Earl Cochrane
Church Council, Chair - Ralph Nott
- - - Standing Committees of Council - - -
Christian Education, Chair - Alan Schaubel
Communications, Chair - Fraser Code
Congregational Care, Co-Chairs - Pauline Beagley/Jennifer Code
Finance and Property, Chair - Steve Wykurz
Ministry and Personnel, Chair - George Beagley
Outreach, Chair - Jim Bright
Stewardship, Chair - Paul Sabourin
Worship, Chair - Jutta Argao


Please call or email the Church Office Administrator (here) to contact any of the above Chairs.



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