About Us

Erindale is a diverse congregation with about 200 folk of all ages at worship on a Sunday morning.

We are an inclusive community for all regardless of sexual orientation, race, gender identification or socio-economic status.

Of course, many more are part of the life of the Church, but we are a congregation that strives to work within your busy life and schedule.

We are always happy to see you, and grateful for the time and involvement you can offer.  

Our worship services tend toward informal, with a good blend of traditional worship, ‘contemporary’ elements, and participation from many who bring the life of the church into our Sunday morning experience.

In summary, Erindale United Church is a community of people seeking to embrace, proclaim and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

We seek justice for all people, striving to become a loving and nurturing community where all are welcome and all can grow in faith. 

Come, join us and share in a deeper experience of living.

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