Marriage Preparation: We highly recommend that all couples that get married at Erindale United participate in a Marriage Preparation course prior to their wedding date.   This is not a requirement, but over the years our clergy have found that couples who have engaged in such courses are better prepared for the vows they take and the marriage into which they are entering.

Ceremony Rules: The couple and the words of the liturgy should be the main focus of the wedding ceremony. As such, our minister will discuss with you some simple rules surrounding photography and videography in order to ensure distractions are minimized.

We are quite flexible when it comes to activities/decorations connected with your wedding and these elements will mainly be left up to you. The use of confetti, rice, or other small tossed objects is however, not allowed in the church or on church property.

Booking Your Wedding:   A wedding is booked formally upon receipt of a deposit as discussed with the Minister.  Please check at the time of booking to ensure your desired date and time are available.  The deposit may be made by cheque, in Canadian funds, made out to Erindale United Church. Because a wedding fee is not a charitable donation, no donation receipt can be issued. The balance of payment is due no later than three weeks prior to the wedding date and must be paid with cash or cheque.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Wedding Fees: An all inclusive fee of $800 will apply to most wedding services. Please consult with us here for more information.

Q.. How long does a wedding service usually take?
A. About half an hour, but longer if you add special music, Holy Communion, or other elements into the service.

Q. Can another minister participate in my wedding service?
A. Yes, it is usually possible to make these arrangements.

Q. Can I just rent the Church building for a wedding?
A. No, we do not do this.

Q. Can I bring in a musician or soloist who is not from your Church?
A. Yes, in consultation with Erindale’s Director of Music here.

Q. Do you do civil wedding services?
A. Not usually, but if you have a concern please call the Church Office here and we can talk about it more completely.

Q. What if I have a concern about paying the wedding fees?
A. Again, call and we’ll talk.

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