Givings and Support

November 20 was Stewardship Sunday for 2016

The Stewardship Committee presented its overview of the congregation's finacial support of our church, and asked for yearly pledges from all in attendance to help plan for the Church's activities for the 2017 calendar year. While we are in a good position for 2016, there are demographic factors that could erode this strength in future years. The PAR (Pre Authorized Remittance) program is a convenient and flexible way that you can use to support the church. Your pledge or PAR amount can be modified an any time by contacting the Church's Office Administrator (here), and is carefully held by our Office with a high degree of confidentiality. For more information, please contact the Chair of Stewardship, Mr. Paul Sabourin, through the Church Office. 

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Some of you, including visitors, may also be interested to note that Erindale United Church is now set up to receive donations by credit card.

How To Donate
Our Charity:  Offering Christians in Mississauga a place of worship and a place to grow a sense of community belonging.  Sunday church services and rites (weddings & funerals etc) offered. Other affilated groups include Erindale United Church Women, the Senior Choir, a worship Band (Psalm 98), prayer groups for all ages and Sunday school for children ages JK to Grade 12. You can also support the United Church Mission and Service Fund, the Deacon’s Cupboard Food Bank, and our new Syrian Refugee Sponsorship program by entering a comment in the space provided.

To begin, click on the Donate Now button above and follow the instructions on our Erindale United Church donor page.

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