The Remit Process  and Consultations with our Congregation

Update Feb 11, 2018 - Voting on the Remit Process by EUC's Council is now complete.
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(Words from the Chair of Council, Ralph Nott)


Looking to the future, the 42nd General Council made major decisions to transform the structure of The United Church of Canada. Published on February 23, 2016 and last modified on September 19, 2016, the eight remits approved by the 42nd General Council that could transform the church are now on the GC42 website.

Beginning in the Spring of 2017, Erindale United must vote on 5 of the remits. Congregational information sessions will be held to provide background on each remit, and to provide an opportunity for open dialogue and feedback. The Erindale Church Council will provide the vote on behalf of Erindale United Church.


On the REMIT Process and the congregational consultations at Erindale United Church (March 8, 2017)


Dear Friends at Erindale United,

As some of you may know, the United Church of Canada is currently discerning some major changes, which would change the structure of the denomination, and have ramifications in terms of ministry and funding.


At the national General Council meeting in 2015, representatives came up with 8 remits or proposals that are sent out to the congregations and presbyteries to vote on (or ratify). Congregations vote on 5 of these remits. 


Council will be voting on behalf of the congregation at an upcoming meeting. However, we want to hear from the wider congregation - your questions and concerns (or excitement) about the remits. 


Beginning this Sunday, March 12, we'll be studying these remits before church at 9AM Daylight Savings Time!. There is more information provided below so you can read up ahead of time. Sometime in April, we'll also have a "Power Session" to look at all the remits at once if you can't make the Sunday mornings. Schedule is as follows:


March 12: Remits 1 and 2

March 19: Remits 3 and 4

April 2: Remit 6


Links to more info are available below. Please email Rev. Brenna at for more information or with any questions. 


Remit 1:  Changing from a Four-Court Structure to a Three-Court Structure

Read the Remit question here.

Access the Study Guide here.

More links:  There's even a video!  And FAQs!


Remit 2:  Eliminating the Transfer and Settlement Process

Read the Remit question here.

Access the Study Guide here.

More links:  A Powerpoint presentation!  


Remit 3:  Creating an "Office of Vocation" for Ministers

Read the Remit question here.

Access the Study Guide here.

More links:  Powerpoint presentation here.


Remit 4:  Funding the New Model - Changing Assessments and M&S

Read the Remit question here.

Access the Study Guide here.

More links:  Video and FAQs


Remit 6:  Creating One Order of Ministry     

Read the Remit question here.

Access the Study Guide here.

More links:  Comprehensive Study Guide and FAQs.


More information...

Find answers to some general FAQs here.


Rev. Brenna Nickel



Appendix by R.F. Code

It's Remit  (or "Ratification") time in the United Church of Canada!

What is a Remit? - In the United Church of Canada, Remits are special types of Votes that give our General Council permission to alter the Basis of Union.

To read more about this in detail, search through the online copy of the latest edition of the Manual  that just came into effect on September 28, 2016. This definition of a remit  involves a highly technical church use of this common english word. You cannot find it properly defined in the Manual, or in a dictionary. In fact, it is defined only by context in the Manual . Its first use in the Manual occurs in Section F. INITIATING ACTION OR CHANGE (page 116, The Manual, United Church of Canada), beginning with the words:

"The courts* of the United Church work in relationship with each other in different ways on governance matters. Two of those ways are through
(a) proposals; and
(b) remits.

*(The United Church is organized into four levels, or courts. The four courts are
(a) the governing body of the pastoral charge;
(b) the presbytery;
(c) the Conference; and
(d) the General Council

In fact a proposal (different from a remit ) is defined explicitly by the words:

 A “proposal” is a formal request for a court to take action. It is one way that a United Church member may raise an issue that is important to them and ask for the church to take action on it.

The only definition of remits is given on Page 125 of the Manual :

The General Council may change the Basis of Union only if the change is approved through a remit. A “remit” is a vote (or ratification of special classes of proposals - added by R.F. Code) by presbyteries or by presbyteries and pastoral charges to change the Basis of Union.

To make matters even more confusing, there are three categories of remits, which are in turn contextually defined on page 125 of the Manual

But what do I really need to know? - click on the following links and read the recent documents entitled A letter to Pastoral Charges (Feb 2016) and Frequently asked questions about the eight remits now before the church .

For more complete UPDATED JAN 2017 FAQs and Document information, click on the link .

EUC study sessions on the United Church Remit Process: The United Church of Canada is currently discerning and voting on several remits, which, if passed, could dramatically alter the structure of the national denomination. Our church council will be voting on these remits in the coming months, but we would appreciate the feedback and questions of the congregation. We want to provide you with several opportunities to learn about and discuss the remits. We will have 3 one hour long sessions from 9-10am on Sundays March 12th, 19th and April 2nd before church, and one "power session" for two hours either on a weeknight or Saturday morning (exact time and date TBD). Please speak to Rev. Brenna or John Hurst with any questions. 



"We are a reformed Church - once reformed, always reforming" -- Rev. Bruce Gregersen, General Council Officer (Programs) , The United Church of Canada.



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