• Food Drives – Erindale supports the “Deacon’s Cupboard” with weekly donations of food collected during the worship service, regularly delivered palettes of food directly from a store at a wholesale price to maximize our dollar and volunteer staffing
  • The Deacon’s Cupboard is a food and community resource centre which is resourced and run cooperatively by 5 area churches. It is housed at St. Peter’s Anglican Church, and staffed by volunteers from all the congregations. Over $10,000-worth of food is distributed every month. Emloyment information and other health and community resources are provided for guests, along with a warm welcome, coffee and refreshments, and a listening ear.
  • Christmas Food Baskets – This program was suspended this year by the Church for the reason that our Partner agency, Th Opend Door (At the Square One Shopping Maiil suspended the preparations of a list of needy families who may be in dire need of 'dietry support.
  • Our Mission and Service Fund is the central Mission fund of the United Church of Canada, and it is still the #1 target for Outreach giving in our congregation. Erindale offers about $30,000 each year; the M&S Fund does about $30 million in work every year. M&S projects range across Canada and in 40 countries around the world–always through local partnerships. See the link at our ‘Links’ line.
  • If you give money, we account for it. You will know where it went, and are able to direct your givings to numerous funds we maintain. We will seek matching grants wherever we can, and efficiencies of all kinds, to boost the impact of your dollar.





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