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The home webpage of the United Church of Canada is found at the link:

Important changes to the operation of the United Church are being voted on during 2017 -18 by the high level REMIT (or "Ratification") process fully described on this website here.


Links on the Saga of Gretta Vosper vs. The United Church of Canada:


Read John Shelby Spong's open letter to our Moderator defending Gretta Vosper (Oct 8, 2015) (here)


The Sub-Executive of the Toronto Conference of the United Church of Canada has posted a statement on Sept. 22, 2016 regarding the review of the Rev. Gretta Vosper. Read the statement in full and comment on it if you wish at the link:


Toronto Star Article of Sept. 22, 2016 regarding the next procedures to be taken by the United Church of Canada against Vosper:


Vancouver Sun article of Jan 10, 2017, speculating on the outcome of Gretta Vosper's decision to join the leadership of Oasis here


UCC Atheist Minister Gretta Vosper plans to affiliate the congregation of West Hill United with a secular Toronto Oasis community in Febrary 2017 (here) . Curious? - visit the Toronto Oasis Website  and their facebook page


Curiously, the ecclesiastical hearing to defrock the controversial minister Gretta Vosper has been postponed by the United Church of Canada. For a view "from the opposition", read the following article posted on November 16, 2017 in the Canadian Atheist.


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